The Founders

Okapi Home was founded in 2015 by South London siblings Rob and Claire.

About Rob

Rob started out running small businesses, largely focused in the sport for development sector. In 2008 he moved into the world of marketing and PR and has spent the last seven years advising some of the world’s largest businesses on their communications strategies. In 2015 he left to pursue the life of an entrepreneur and fulfil his dream of driving through Africa in a Land Rover Defender. So far Botswana, Namibia and South Africa have been ticked off - next stop Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. 

Having taken every opportunity to travel to Africa over the past 15 years, the continent was always likely to feature in any new business venture. The real catalyst, however, came when he was faced with kitting out a new flat and was underwhelmed by what London’s high streets could offer. Having seen some of the quality craftsmanship in Africa first-hand, the idea of providing these skilled artisans with a business route to the UK came to life and Okapi Home was born. 

Rob’s other great love is sport, and he is happiest when running around a muddy pitch chasing a rugby or lacrosse ball. 

Rob in Namibia


 About Claire

Claire has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and has been involved with a number of start ups over the years both in the UK and in East Africa. Starting Okapi Home was a way to combine this with a love of adventure and that blissful feeling you get when you return home after a long trip. 

Other big dreams include starting a shoe business, becoming a novelist and running away to sea. Aside from her day job you can find her reading, enjoying a large glass of wine and attempting yoga and kickboxing.

 Claire Profile