Our Philosophy

Okapi Home was founded out of the desire to deliver a positive social impact in communities across East and Southern Africa, while also sourcing the most beautiful home accessories on offer from the region. 

Our four business principles are: 


We take great pleasure in supporting small scale businesses in a region which we have taken such enjoyment from living in and visiting over the years. We see the artisans and craftspeople we work with as our partners and the health of their business is essential to the health of ours. Our partners always set the price for their products, ensuring they are able to operate their businesses in a sustainable way.


We pride ourselves on being unique and like the fact that you won’t find our products on the high street. If they do start appearing in the windows of the big brands it is a source of pride for us, but also a sign that we need to move on and uncover the next emerging talent. What’s more, because everything we stock is handmade we deal in short runs, with the emphasis on quality not quantity. We are not in the mass production business and don’t want to be.


We look for partners who place the same high importance on quality craftsmanship as we do. Our entire range is handmade by some of the most skilled artisans in Africa who use a combination of age old local and contemporary techniques. 


We want you to know the story behind the products you buy. We place great emphasis on showcasing our artisans and their work as we want you to know where your products come from, who made them and what materials and techniques they used.