Kavango Basket, Extra Large

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Our Kavango Baskets are hand-woven by women in the north and north-eastern regions of Namibia. 

The baskets are woven from young Makalani palm leaves which are split into narrow strips and used as they are or dyed by boiling substances such as rust from old tins, aloe leaves, berries, roots, bark, leaves, and cow urine. Tree bark and roots from the Pterocarpus angolensisGuibourtia coleospermaBaikiaea plurijuga and Peltophorum africanum, amongst others are used to produce numerous shades of brown, purple and yellow.

The palm is wrapped around an inner coil of grass to create bowl-shaped baskets. The Kavango weavers have taken their weaving into the realm of art – the design of each basket is totally unique and a vehicle for their maker's creativity, making them the perfect unique gift or home accessory.

Our extra large baskets are between 51cm and 53cm. Please note that our baskets are sized by measuring across the top and straight down to the surface on which the basket stands.

Additional Details:

  • Our baskets are sturdy, strong, and flexible, made to withstand constant use. If properly cared for, your basket will live a long life.
  • Dust your woven basket on a regular basis, wiping with a damp cloth if necessary. No other cleaning should be necessary.

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