Cow Horn Wine Holder

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Made with ethically sourced cow horn, the light, slender form and unique curvature of this minimalist wine holder make it the perfect way to display your favorite vintage bottle. Valued for both its hardness and its ability to become soft and pliable when heated, Ankole cattle horn has been used by East Africans for centuries. This wine holder was hand carved on a lathe, shaped and molded at high temperatures, meticulously sanded, and then polished for a smooth and shiny finish.

Due to the considerable size of Ankole horns and their wide range of naturally occurring colors, this wine holder is truly one-of-a-kind; no two are exactly alike. Ankole cow horn is indigenous to East Africa, making this material extremely rare.

Each wine holder is individually hand-crafted by an artisan in a fair trade environment in Uganda. Imperfections should be expected and simply add to the charm of your handmade good.

Our range of wine holders, which would make the perfect gift for someone special, are supplied by Ugandan based design and craft studio, Rose & Fitzgerald.

Additional Details:

  • Each wine holder measures approximately 5 cm wide and 28 cm cm high (a slight variation in size is expected).
  • Because this wine holder is made of pure horn, which is made up of keratin protein, there are special considerations for its proper care. Wine holders should be cleaned using only lukewarm water and should never be left soaking or placed in a dishwasher, but rather should be dried immediately using a soft cloth. It is important to avoid leaving your horn items near heat sources or in direct sunlight, as warm temperatures can cause the horn to dry out or change shape.
  • Photography courtesy of Rose & Fitzgerald

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