Cow Horn and Brass Bottle Opener, Dark

Okapi Home

Made from ethically sourced, hand-selected Ugandan cow horn and recycled, industrial scrap brass, this completely unique bottle opener is essential for the bar. Valued for both its hardness and its ability to become soft and pliable when heated, Ankole cattle horn has been used by East Africans for centuries. This natural horn bottle opener was hand carved on a lathe, and then shaped and molded at high temperatures to fit perfectly in your hand. It was meticulously sanded and then polished for a smooth and shiny finish. The brass piece was measured and cut out by hand from a solid 3mm brass sheet, was sanded and then buffed to perfection. It makes cracking open a beer an even better experience than it already was!

Each bottle opener is individually hand-crafted by an artisan in a fair trade environment in Uganda. Imperfections should be expected and simply add to the charm of your handmade good.

Our range of bottle openers, which would make the perfect gift for someone special, are supplied by Ugandan based design and craft studio, Rose & Fitzgerald.

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