Happy New Year from Okapi Home!

by Rob Arnott January 04, 2016

Here is a quick peek at what we’ve got lined up for you in the coming months

First of all, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported us in 2015, including friends and family, our partners in Africa, our first group of intrepid customers and many others besides. Without all of you, Okapi Home would still be a long way from being a reality.

Since we launched in mid-November we’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions but the highlight has been meeting so many customers at our market stall in Marylebone and Richmond. Their feedback has been instrumental in helping to shape our plans for 2016.

So, with that in mind, what can you expect from us in 2016?

1) A bigger range – plans are already well under way to significantly expand our portfolio and we are really excited about what we’ve got in the pipeline for you. Our first new launch is just a few days away – watch this space!

2) New artisan partners – not only will we be expanding our ranges with some of our existing partners, but we also hope to start working with new partners in countries such as Malawi and Kenya. As an aside, one of our biggest challenges if finding new partners so if you’ve come across anyone on your travels who you think might fit the bill, please get in touch.

New Year Sunrise

3) Field visits – We view the artisans we work with as our partners. It is a collaboration to create beautiful products which we hope our lovely customers will enjoy and savour. For that to work, nothing beats face-to-face relationship building. Over the past few months the Okapi Home team has visited Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Rwanda in an effort to uncover the best artisans on the continent and continue to build relationships with some of our existing partners.  

Our search will continue this year and already trips to Kenya and Rwanda are pencilled into the diary and we look forward to sharing our stories from these visits. 

4) New website features – we want you to know exactly what you are buying, where it comes from, who makes it and what raw materials are used. We strive to share all of this information in our product descriptions but we want to go further. Therefore, we’ll be launching a new section to our website in the coming months which will showcase our partners in much more detail, so you can really get to know them.

5) The Okapi Home community - A whole host of brilliant discounts, competitions and prizes will be running throughout 2016. We really want to grow the Okapi Home family so if you are not already a subscriber to our newsletter make sure you sign up below and we’ll keep you updated on all the latest news from Okapi Home HQ.

Rob Arnott
Rob Arnott