Welcome to the Warm Heart of Africa

by Rob Arnott February 12, 2016

Malawi, also affectionately known as the Warm Heart of Africa, might be small but its people and landscapes have so much to offer that we thought the launch of our new range of furniture and home accessories from the landlocked Southern African country was the perfect excuse to shed some light on this little gem.

So here it is, our take on the top facts about the Warm Heart of Africa:

1) The country got its name from its incredible sunsets! The name Malawi comes from Chichewa (the local language) for flames of fire - because of the incredible sunrises and sunsets that can be seen over Lake Malawi.

2) Malawi was the first country outside of Denmark to get its own Carlsberg factory which makes what is locally referred to as the “Green” remarkably cheap, even by local standards.

3) Malawi’s most iconic landmark is the stunning Lake Malawi which was once called “The Lake of the Stars” by the famed Scottish explorer David Livingstone, because lantern lights he saw from the fishermen’s boats resembled the stars at night. The Lake occupies one-fifth of the total area of Malawi which is around 11.8 million hectares and is the ninth largest lake in the world.

4) Lake Malawi contains the largest number of fish species of any lake in the world. There are between 500 and 1,000 fish species, and it is home to a vast array of Cichlids, virtually all of which are endemic to the lake. These Cichlids are globally popular as aquarium fish, because of their bright colours. 

Lake Malawi

5) You might remember Malawi being in the news back in 2006 as Madonna controversially adopted David Banda Mwale, a Malawian boy in an orphanage. Local laws required would-be parents to have lived in Malawi for at least a year before the adoption but Madonna hadn’t.

6) It might not be the first African country which springs to mind when you think of tea but it was the first country on the African continent to grow tea on a commercial scale. Malawi has been producing tea for well over a century and it is the continent’s second largest tea producer after Kenya. 

So now you know a little more about Malawi, why not take a browse of some of the beautiful furniture and home accessories that some of our partners in and around Blantyre (Malawi’s second city) have crafted. And don’t forget to claim your discount code by signing up to our newsletter.

Rob Arnott
Rob Arnott