Buying the Perfect Housewarming Gift

by Rob Arnott April 07, 2016

A few of our friends have recently moved house and so our thoughts have turned to finding them a great housewarming gift. With spring and summer being prime time for moving house you may well find yourself on the hunt for a housewarming gift in the coming months too. But how do you go about matching your friend’s personality and the style of their new pad with the perfect gift? Well here’s our guide to doing just that, along with a couple of suggestions from our very own range of quirky homeware and beautiful home accessories:

The gadget pad: It could be a new build or a traditional place which has undergone a slick refurb, but either way this property boasts all the very latest mod-cons and contemporary lines. It’s a plethora of beautifully designed tech and dark colours, replete with a fully stocked bar in the corner of the living room. But are you drinking your single malt whisky out of a cow horn whisky tumbler? These wonderfully tactile products come in two colours and are perfect for making a statement.

Cow Horn Tumbler, Dark

The first timers: Buying your first flat or house is one of the most exciting points in life. If you are anything like us, it’s when you finally own actual wine glasses and an oven glove replaces that soggy dishcloth you’ve always used to get dinner out of the oven. For these first timers, a set of nibble bowls is the perfect way of saying; “can’t wait for your housewarming drinks, make sure you’ve got plenty of crisps and dips!”

Celadon Nibble Bowl

The downsizers: The kids have flown the nest, all the junk from the garage has made its way to the local car boot and this pair has a new, more compact home to call their own. In the spirit of downsizing, everything that survives the transition needs to have a purpose. This couple are looking for items which look great but also have a practical use; they simply don’t have space for clutter in their lives these days. So how about something which everyone has a need for? Take your pick from our range of animal inspired cooking accessories from Namibia, whether it's an over glove, tea towel or apron it’s sure to go down well.

Ostrich and Trees Tea Towel

The designer home: We all have that friend whose home wouldn’t look out of place in Elle Décor. Everything is beautifully curated and has its own very specific place. Didn’t know that boho and minimalist went together? This person managed it. So how about a wonderful gold arrow teak tray from Uganda? It’s sure to impress even the most style conscious of friends.

Gold Arrow Teak Tray

The entertainer: We all have the friend who loves to entertain. They are often the glue of a friendship group and we love them for it. They make things happen, whether it’s organising that group holiday or throwing the dinner party which you’ve always promised to host but never quite got around to. For those individuals, our range of marble and mango wood platters are the ideal gift, whether it’s the pizza board, cheese board or our mini platters, which are perfect for serving those posh starters on, they look great and might even prompt another party!

Marble and Mango Wood Pizza Board

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Rob Arnott
Rob Arnott