Material Showcase - Ugandan Cow Horn

by Rob Arnott April 21, 2016

One of the joys of working with artisans in faraway places is discovering wonderful new materials and one of current favourites is Ugandan Cow Horn.

Ugandan Cow Horn

Used for centuries for their milk and meat, ankole cows are indigenous to east Africa. Yet once they are slaughtered for meat, their striking long horns are usually discarded. However, there are a growing number of craftsmen in Uganda who have recognised the potential of these horns and are devising exciting and creative ways to give them a new lease of life.

For those of you more used to seeing the horns on British cattle, the indigenous Ugandan cow horn is enormous by comparison. As a result, it offers great flexibility for artisans seeking to design and create a diverse range of products.

Cow Horn and Brass Coaster Set, Light

The cow horn's hardness when finished combined with the fact that it becomes soft and pliable when heated makes it an ideal material to work with. After sanding and polishing you are left with a stunning finish, while the distinctive and unique colours and texture of cow horn only go to add a touch of class to any product.

Cow Horn Tumbler

The Okapi Home range of cow horn products currently includes tumblers, coasters, wine holders and bottle openers but we hope to expand this list in 2016.


Rob Arnott
Rob Arnott